There are many ways to fund a Graduate Student's education. Details can be found on the Graduate Student "Financing your Education" Website. Below are the most prominent options for Undocumented Graduate students, as federal student loans are not an option.

Oregon students make sure to: 

Funding Ideas: 

  • Determine the Costs
  • Fellowships and/or Scholarships - Are the most viable funding options for undocumented students without DACA as they are not considered employment. It is important to know that each Fellowship and/or Scholarship has its own unique policies on eligibility. Also, application processes and procedures will vary
  • Here is another list of scholarships - some of which are available for graduate students
  • Graduate School Awards - Are administrated through the Graduate School. These awards require nomination from faculty/graduate programs. The application deadlines vary by award. Students must:
    • Identify award(s) and
    • Work with faculty or program to be nominated.
  • Major Professor/Graduate Awards - Start a conversation early on with major professor and graduate school department about additional funding sources. Majority of graduate funding takes place at this level. Options to explore:
    • Tuition waiver options
    • Scholarships
    • What you take advantage of specifically?
    • Employment
  • Ask your parent’s work places to see if they have scholarships for dependents of employees  
  • Check out Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) which enable families with limited financial resources to save and build assets fast while developing good financial habits. You apply for a savings plan, the state then matches with a 1:5 ratio up to $8,000 for a total of $9,600 over 3 years
  • Check out additional OSU financial resources 
  • Online Guide to scholarships and resources for Undocumented master's students 

  • A master's student source for earning an online degree 

If you have DACA:

Be sure to check out additional OSU Financial Resources here! 


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