There are many student resources both on and off campus for students and their families. Many services are supported through student fees, and are open to all OSU students, including undocumented students. The staff in these offices can help connect you to other support you need. Click on the title of the resource to be directed to the resource's website.

Educational Opportunities Program (EOP)

EOP provides support to students from historically underrepresented backgrounds, including assistance locating financial resources, academic and personal counseling, and more. EOP is a great place to get started finding help. 


Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services is one of the services offered by the ASOSU for the OSU students of the Corvallis campus. Legal Services are paid for through the Corvallis campus student incidental fees. Immigration is one of the topics covered by this service. Call (541) 737-4165 to make an appointment.


Basic Needs Center (BNC)

The BNC offers services to alleviate hunger and poverty, including a food pantry, emergency housing assistance, and a textbook lending program. They also provide support for SNAP applications.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS offers individual and group counseling to students. You can stop by or phone to make an appointment. 


The International Student Support Program is a service available to OSU students to have chat, phone, or video conversations with counselors, including in languages other than English. 

A more complete list of available services is available on the OSU Experience website