How can faculty and staff support undocumented students? 

  • Take an Undocu-Ally training -- information about upcoming trainings will be posted to this page, as well as recorded sessions. 
  • Create a welcoming environment
    • Do not call someone who is undocumented an illegal immigrant
    • The best language to use currently is to say Undocumented or DACAmented (if they have DACA)
  • Advocate on committees (i.e. citizenship requirement for scholarships, FAFSA requirement to prove financial need [ORSAA be used instead to supplement])
  • When talking about the FAFSA, also talk about the ORSAA
  • Refer undocumented students to the Educational Opportunities Program for hollistic support 
  • Do not provide legal advice! Refer to ASOSU legal services instead
  • Check out other campus support services for students and faculty 
Educate yourself

Background Information:


DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  - Most, not all, of our undocumented students will have DACA. Sometimes referred to as DACAmented.


What should I do if an immigration or law enforcement official contacts me – in person, over the phone, or electronically – regarding OSU students or employees?

Note: This guidance applies to all Oregon State University locations. It does not apply to routine contacts by federal officials to certain offices, such as International Programs and Export Control.

We hope that use of this guidance will not be necessary. Current federal policy restricts immigration enforcement actions from occurring at sensitive locations, including universities.

If at any time you feel unsafe, call the OSU Department of Public Safety at 541-737-7000 (Corvallis campus) or 541-322-3110 (Cascades campus), or dial 9-1-1 (from any location).

  1. Respond calmly and do not engage in actions that may be perceived as interfering, physically or otherwise, with a federal officer’s official duties. Interference may put students, other employees and yourself at risk.
  2. Respond to the officer’s request for information by saying:

    “I am unable to provide information to you. I can refer you to our Office of the General Counsel. Their phone number is 541-737-2474 and they are located on the 5th floor of the Kerr Administration Building.”

    If the officer persists, do not interfere with their actions.

  3. Gather as much identifying information as you are able, including the name of the official, the federal agency, and badge or identification numbers.

    Observe their conduct and take detailed notes of what transpires, if you are able.

    Call the Office of General Counsel at 541-737-2474 and relay any information provided to you or gathered during the interaction, including the nature of the request, the name of the official, badge or identification numbers, contact information, etc. Leave a message with your contact information if no one answers.