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February 2020

A Message to Students about OSU's position as a Sanctuary University 

"But as an institution, let me be clear: Oregon State University is fully committed to diversity of all kinds, and we stand united for inclusivity and the safety of all people. Oregon State will be a sanctuary university for its students. As your president, I assure you:

  • OSU does not and will not enforce federal immigration laws.
  • The university will not facilitate federal immigration enforcement activities — nor will it honor federal immigration information requests — unless required by warrant, court order or emergency health and safety concerns. If OSU is ever so ordered, the university’s General Counsel will review any such order to confirm its validity and ability to be enforced.
  • Oregon State University will vehemently oppose any federal effort to create a registry based on protected characteristics, such as national origin, religion, sexual orientation, race, or other identities.
  • The university will only release student confidential information to federal agencies as required by law."

- Excerpt from a statement by OSU President Ed Ray

Check out the full statement here